LaLiga Festival in Doha - BeFootball


Be a professional soccer star and prove your worth in an exciting penalty shoot-out.

Branding for brands - Sports competition

Own project presented officially in LaLiga Festival of Qatar. A highly immersive experience where the user is transported to a fictitious penalty shootout in a crowded field of fans. The user has two game modes to choose from:

Shooter: Thanks to the use of trackers placed on the feet and a complex system of real physics, will be able to shoot the digital ball as you would with a real one. Shots with the outside, inside, chopped, rabones, with effect … all have a place thanks to the realistic simulation.

Goalkeeper: Armed with a pair of gloves and a pair of boots, the user gets into the skin of the goalkeeper by stopping the penalties thrown by the shooters of the rival team. An experience that puts reflections and skills as a goalkeeper to the test.

This experience has been developed with the possibility of being highly brandeable. We offer the client the possibility of placing his mark on: players’ shirts, ball, gloves and boots, billboards, tifos, etc. as well as the implementation of music, hymns, videos or other audiovisual materials. There is also the possibility of recreating a specific stage, whether real or imaginary. For more information about these services visit the web page indicated above.

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