Own games

These are the immersive virtual reality games that we develop as products that can be experienced in branded activations. All of our VR experiences are licensable and are available


Immerse yourself in the role of a professional soccer player and live an exciting series of VR penalties.

Bull Runner VR

Experience the Encierro de San Fermín as never before. Arm yourself with courage and dispute a dangerous race or, if you prefer, enjoy a fantastic tour of the route and discover incredible curiosities about the encierro.

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Be a Survivor

Survive the epidemic that is killing the world and defeat as many zombies as possible.

Be The Plane

Ride the skies piloting a commercial passenger plane. Make the tour going through the hoops and add as many points as you can.


Be Wild

Transform yourself with your family into some of the most fascinating animals that inhabit the jungle and explore their most interesting qualities in the first person.


ToreoVirtual is the first virtual reality experience that immerses the user completely in the role of a bullfighter.



Become a true Samurai and fight against paper enemies.


Immerse yourself in the role of a professional basketball player and bowl as many baskets as possible.