Hyper-realistic basketball free throwing simulator

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What is BeBasket?

The "BeBasket" project was born with a spirit: to immerse the user in the sensations and emotions that a professional basketball player has when shooting a free shot through Virtual Reality.

Thanks to the latest technological advances, a professional basketball court has been recreated in a photorealistic manner (designed for sponsorship and brand activations) in which the user / fan will have as many baskets as possible during a certain time, which coupled with true ball behavior, and real shot mechanics, ensures that the recreation of the experience is authentic and memorable.

What does it consist of?

By using two hand controllers, the player must score as many free throws as possible for a limited time.

The number of successful baskets, as well as the skill and control shown, will increase or decrease the score obtained.


Technological challenge

Thanks to the latest technological advances and to research and innovation by
BeBasket, it has been possible to transfer to a virtual world, truthfully and in real time, the way in which a free throw is thrown by a basketball player.

To do this, they have developed from scratch the mechanics that are involved in providing real physics to the ball, generating a completely truthful behavior. From the way in which it bounces against the surfaces, the technique with which the player throws or the friction with the air.