(Project under development)
Immerse yourself in a jungle and live the world as some fantastic animals would.

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What is Be Wild?

BeWild is an experience in Virtual Reality that transports the user to a jungle, where they will have the opportunity to interact with extraordinary animals and understand more about their behavior than ever before.

Thanks to the latest technological advances, the Plaza Mayor in Medina del Campo (Valladolid) has been photorealistically recreated. A military stronghold located in the city faces the zombie epidemic and has erected barricades and established an extraction point for survivors in the Plaza Mayor.

What does it consist of?

By using two controllers in the hands, the user will have the opportunity to become the animal of the jungle that he selects from among those that appear in a list. Experiencing the way in which said animal sees the world and relates to it in the first person.


Technological challenge

In our eagerness to create the most complete VR experience, we have made BeWild able to play in groups of 5 people that interact with each other in the same virtual world. Each of them can select a different animal.

Thanks to this, whole families or groups of people can enjoy the experience together.